Digital TDS PEN Meter Tester Filter Water Quality

Digital TDS PEN Meter Tester Filter Water Quality-Semi-Hydro-Hydroponic products-13.99
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Digital TDS PEN Meter Tester Filter Water Quality

Digital TDS pens are ideal for testing the resulting strength of your feed, we don't need to get hung up on ideals or exact measurements with orchid culture, for example; I use mine everytime I mix my feed to make sure I haven't made a mistake by adding too much feed. So what you can do is when you mix your orchid feed to recommendations for the very first time is use a TDS pen to test what the PPM(parts per million) is. Then do the same everytime thereafter to make sure the strength is about the same! It will never be exactly the same but as long as it isn't too high you won't damage your orchids. Mine is about 350 PPM with the pen I use. 

The other main use for orchid culture is to test how pure your RO water (reverse osmosis) or rain water is. RO is very pure and you would expect the reading to be hardly anything, rain water isn't as clean as RO, so the reading is normally higher than RO. Once the RO water reading from your RO unit starts to get higher it is time to change your units filters, the manufacturer of RO units will state replace every six months etc! If the use is only for orchids/plants then save yourself some money and replace the filters once your new TDS pen tells you that the water has degraded to a level that you are not happy with. 

Some growers just keep adding feed to the water until the desired strength has been reached.

Similar uses include testing the water from drinking water filters and tap water.

Don't forget a pH pen!

What is PPM

Parts per million refers to dilution. For example, if we mixed 1 part sugar to a million parts water, we would have a dilution of sugar of 1ppm or parts per million.

Product Feature:

  • Test the quality of various water applications ensuring you are enjoying the best quality water.
  •  Ideal for using in the following situations: Testing orchid/plant feed solution strength, drinking water, water filters, hydroponics, aquariums, food & coffee, pools & spa's. TDS range: 1-9999PPM/mg / L.
  •  Auto shut-off: 10minutes.
  • Data hold. Auto temperature compensation.
  • Accuracy: ±2%.
  • Dimensions: 14.2x2.3x1.3(CM)
    Battery: 2×LR44 cell batter( INCLUDED)
  • Comes with a leather case.

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