Neofinetia Falcata Plant Sales

Neofinetia Falcata Plant Sales

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The cultivation of Fukiran has a long history dating back more than 400 years ago and originating in Japan. From this time many unique varients of Furan have been aquired, some worth the price of a house with great garden!

Furan came to be called 'Fukiran' because they were orchids loved by rich and noble people :Fu = rich, Ki = noble and ran = orchid.

Flowers are highly fragrant and have a sweet smell often in the morning or evening, the intoxicating fragrance is like that of Citrus or Honeysuckle blossom.

Flowering season is normally in Summer(June to July), the common colour form is white but there are varieties like red, green, pink and yellow.

Neofinetia hold much interest throughout the year with the many variations in leaf shape & even texture, variegation, stem, tsuke(connection between stem & leaf) and roots.

Traditionally Neofinetia are wrapped with long sphagnum moss forming a mound, many use hand made pots to hold their honored Neofinetia. 

Neofinetia like a shady but airy place to grow, in the UK we give full light during the cooler months with a minimum temperature of 10c, they can tolerate a lower temperature down to 5c but during this cooler season they must remain on the dry side. We mist the surface of the moss periodically during this time to avoid excessive water rotting the roots. In Summer like all orchids we provide shading to avoid excessive temperature and allow fresh air to flow through our orchid house.

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