Orchid Myst 750ml(NEW SIZE)

  • Orchid Myst 750ml(NEW SIZE)
  • Orchid Myst 750ml(NEW SIZE)
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Orchid Myst 750ml(NEW SIZE)

This new large size bottle has a handy spray trigger, will also come in handy when empty for other tasks.

Orchid Myst is a revolutionary way to provide orchids with all the necessary nutrients – both mineral and organic.

Specifically formulated to support and prolong flowering.

Misting regularly with a low concentration nutrient solution such as Orchid Myst is probably the best way to feed plants. Always spray, that’s nature’s way.

​Best to use as a supplement to a quality orchid feed, periodically spray over the surface root area and let trickle through the potting mix, or mist in summer or with care in winter.





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