When & How To Re-Pot Orchids | Phalaenopsis

When and how to re-pot orchids can seem a daunting task for many but if you follow these simple rules then hopefully that will be a thing of the past.

What we aim for is for the orchid to grow well enough so it produces roots that replace the potting mix, with good growing this can be 18 to 24 months or up to 3 years. Hopefully for many orchids by re-potting time you should have a pot full of roots which makes watering more frequent and maybe the orchid falling over quite a lot!

The new pot wants to be big enough so we can get enough potting mix around the roots, but not too big as to hold too much water. For a healthy full sized rootball you may need to go two pot sizes up to be able to get the potting mix in. For poor roots you may need to use the same size pot or smaller.

"Remember to choose a pot to the root size and not the leaves or growth size" 

Before potting up soak the roots in tepid water to make them more pliable which will limit any possible damage. 

Good roots are firm and not brown or mushy, poor roots need to be removed.

Put a little potting mix in the bottom of the pot, place the root ball and fill with the potting mix around the sides, gently firm or tap the pot to settle the potting mix and orchid. For the roots to quickly get established the orchid needs to be secure, this can be achieved by a plant stake/stick. Phalaenopsis can be more difficult to secure due to having no growths, but they are generally ok without any stakes/sticks as the large fleshy leaves offer some support.

Finish off by giving a thorough soaking and remember now you have re-potted your watering regime maybe very different, basically less frequently until the roots get going.
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Happy Potting!

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