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Website F&Q

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Some people have experienced problems scrolling through the regions when having to fill out delivery details etc, If you are unable to use the grey verticle scroll bar either by laptop touch pad, tablets, or mouse then you should be at least able to scroll with the up/down keys on your keypad.

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Culture F&Q

When do I water my orchid?

Firstly don't water to a set time scale and do a little research and see what your orchid prefers!

You really need to learn when to water your orchids by lifting the pot to feel if it is light, inspect the compost which is very easy with a clear pot, push your finger in to the mix, in general most orchids can go on the dry side for short spells.

Frequent watering will rot the roots very quickly.

And finally it is best to drench and dry, so pouring through lots of water in one occassion doesn't amount to over watering, too frequest however does!


What orchid potting compost should I use?

 Orchids will grow in a variety of potting media, a vast amount grow on trees/on bark in nature, some among the forest floor, some in river banks, on rocks, the places are endless so we need to do a little research first on the orchid we have. Generally those that have fine roots and like moisture will need a mix that is of smaller grade which will hold the moisture yet provide air. On the opposite end of the scale we have those which have thicker roots and these are generally those that grow in the trees and cling on to their host, these will prefer a larger grade/ open mix.

      You can buy a top quality medium grade bark or a ready made mix from our online shop or buy the ingredients to taylor make you own special blend - if in doubt contact us for advice! ​

 Leaves on my Phalaenopsis are limp, what do I do?

First thing to do is check the roots, if they are ok(not brown/mushy) and the mix is dry then you may have been under watering, if this is the case then give it a good soak for 15 mins, then let it drain. Keep it more moist to just dry and a regular misting, it should soon pick up.

If the roots are poor, brown/mushy then the plant is not able to take in enough water, remove old roots and re pot and keep warm and humid, there is little point watering a potting compost if there are little to no roots, so the best bet is to mist with water or use Orchid Myst and products such as GreenFuse root, SuperThrive or KLN may help and speed up the process.

 If it is the lowest leaf and the rest are ok, then it may be just natural leaf loss, wait until you can just pull it off.

Clear pot or not?

Clear pots do provide some light to the roots, but whether or not this is really beneficial is a debate in itself.

More importantly the clear pot gives the grower direct viewing of the roots and potting mix, so it becomes easy to assess any root development and potting mix condition without disturbing the roots.

One advantage black pots have over clear is cost, clear pots are more expensive, apart from cost I cannot see any other reason a black pot is advantageous.

My orchid has a small plant growing on its stem, what do I do?

Congratulations! That is a keiki (baby orchid), these baby orchids can be easily removed once some leaves have formed and roots developed by pulling them off or cutting a stem section with it attached. Just pot it up in a small pot with sphagnum moss or a similar mix to the parent. Treat the same as the parent. Some orchids, like cool growing Dendrobiums may abort flowering for babies, this can happen if a cooler, dryer rest isn't given. Keiki's will be a exact replica of it's mother! How cool is that!!

Is rain water better for my orchid than tap water?


Most orchid growers will agree that rain water or reverse osmosis(pure) is better for orchids, tap water for many is hard and contains lime amongst a host of other chemicals, the majority of orchids prefer soft water with a pH between 5.5 - 6.5, there are exceptions so it is wise to look up the orchid you have for cultural advice. In short, it is best to use rain or RO water with a proper orchid feed like Rain mix or Orchid focus grow and bloom.

When will my orchid need re-potting?

Once the pot is full of roots is the straight answer! Orchids like many plants like to be pot bound, this promotes flowering and lessens the chance of over watering.

When the roots have really filled the pot the orchid will likely start to topple over and be increasingly difficult to water. Many orchids have pseudobulbs which grow roots, once these are growing over ther edge of the pot then a re pot is advisable.

It is advisable to check if a re pot is required after 18-24 months.


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