Orchid Growing Tips | Top Ten

Don't over water, soak, drain and don't water again until on the dry side or roots have gone from green to silvery. There are some exceptions, see below!

Get to know which orchid you have and do a little research so you understand its basic needs like watering, minimum temperature and light.

Use pure water like rain water, reverse osmosis or soft tap water with a proper orchid feed like Akerne's Rain Mix!

Repot your orchid when the mix has broken down.

Don't repot in to pots that are too large, pot should be big enough to fit the roots and a little mix around them.

Use proper orchid bark mixes and media from our extensive range.

Don't use ice cubes, this is a gimmick you want to ignore, tropical orchids and ice?

Use clear pots to help inspect the roots, medium and help gauge when to water, also roots apparently photosynthesis.

Wipe leaves to keep pests and dust at bay, use a damp cloth or plant wipes.

Be vigilant and check your plants for pest & disease, prevention is better than cure!

If you have a few orchids you will want to add air flow, our clip on fans are great for this!

Use drip trays or saucers to protect furnishings.

Stake & clip flower spikes to prevent damage.

Orchid Myst is a great product to mist the leaves, potting mix surface and roots, great as a stop gap between full waterings!.

Join a local orchid society and meet like minded people.

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Most of all enjoy these intriguing, unique and very addictive plants!

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