Orchid Potting Mixes

Providing your orchids with a quality orchid potting mix considered the best in Europe will ensure they thrive to their full potential, take the guess work out of it by using our own orchid potting mix blend, freshly hand prepared only by Orchid Supplies UK. 

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We have aquired this ready to use commercial orchid mix, it is ideal for a very broad range of orchi..
Hydroponic Clay Pebbles 8 to 16mm
Hydroponic Clay Pebbles (8mm To 16mm Expanded Clay) is ideal for using with humidity trays..
Orchid Potting Kit-4-Pot - FREE GIFT
This orchid potting kit is ideal for those who are progressing a little and have a few orchids ..
Perlite 2-5mm
This perlite has replaced the P35 perlite but instead of being classed as 1-5mm is classed..
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