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The website is set up for delivery to the EU and the rest of the world,  it will be our pleasure to serve you if we can, we already have a string of satisfied customers, we have shipped to Portugal, Spain, Turkey,Slovenia, Sweden, Finland to name but a few.

Firstly we are always here to help and advise, so if you have any questions then do please contact us.

This is how it works, we use Royal Mail at the moment for airmail, shipping weight only goes up to 2 KG, visit their site to see costs

Cost to Europe 500g:£5.99,750g:£7.99,1000g:£8.99,1250g:£9.99,1500g:£11.99,1750g:£12.99,2000g:£13.99

Cost to Rest Of World 500g:£8.99,750g:£10.99,1000g:£13.99,1250g:£16.99,1500g:£19.99,1750g:£22.99,1999g:£25.50

What we recommend is that you keep adding to your shopping cart until the maximum weight has been reached, this way it is the most cost effective for yourself.

For example EU, if the shopping cart weighs 1000 grams you will get charged £13.99, if you add another product and then it weighs 1900 grams the cost will still be £13.99!

Kind Regards

Keith & family.

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