Small Grade Orchid Bark (5-15mm)

OS-Small Grade Orchid Bark(5-15mm) 3Ltr-5Ltr-10Ltr-20Ltr-40Ltr-Orchid Potting Media-0.00
OS-Small Grade Orchid Bark(5-15mm) 3Ltr-5Ltr-10Ltr-20Ltr-40Ltr-Orchid Potting Media-0.00
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Small Grade Orchid Bark (5-15mm)

Small Grade Orchid Bark (5-15mm)

This bark is by Melcourt and they call it/grade it as medium, this is a direct comparable replacement for our previous brand of small bark(IMAGE) and is of great quality.

I personally use this for my own award winning orchids, namley Masdevallia.

Many British orchid proffesional nursuries use this product and achieve great success so you shouldn't be disapointed!

Ideal for epyphytic orchids -So those that like to grow on bark!

For starting seedlings, potting young plants or keiki's! Or for orchids that have finer roots thus require more moisture; ie, Masdevallia, Miltionopsis, Paphiopedilum

Topping off orchids or any plant, the list is technically endless.


Watch our potting mix video on YouTube & SUBSCRIBE

Use this mix alone or as a base for many orchids and add other ingredients if you like from our potting media range to taylor make your own blend! You could do a 50/50 mix with our general orchid mix or medium grade bark(12-20mm) to make that a more open or moisture retentive mix.

Tip for Phalaenopsis - four parts bark to 1 part sphagnum, could also add perlite.

Tip for Masdevallia - three parts bark to one part sphagnum moss, could also add perlite to suit.

Tip for Paphiopedlium - (1)A common ratio is four parts bark (small or medium depending on root size/Paph) (2)one part perlite (3)one part charcoal 10mm -optional.

These tips are for guidance or starting point and can easily be altered to suit your own needs and growing enviroment, once you've mixed the components together, give it a squeeze and see how it fees!

Go from there & don't be afraid to tweak!!!

For any other quantities please contact us for advice or a quote.

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