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Bonsai Focus 100ml
Bonsai Focus on plants Growth Technology high quailty plant food nutrients growing the best Balance..
Cactus Focus 100ml
Balanced nutrient solution for cacti and succulents. This product is specifically formulated for ..
Camellia Focus 100 ml
Balanced nutrition for all ericaceous species Camellia Focus is also suitable for azaleas, rhodod..
GreenFuse Stimulator
The extra edge for show and specimen plants & SEEDLINGS/YOUNG PLANTS choose ROOT -100ml bot..
Orchid Focus Bloom Food
Orchid Focus Bloom - For stunning, long lasting flowers in orchid species and hybrids..
Orchid Focus Grow Food
Orchid Focus Grow - For vigorous growth in orchids, High levels of nitrogen supplied only ..
Orchid Myst 100ml
Orchid Myst is a revolutionary way to provide orchids with all the necessary nutrients – both m..
Orchid Ultra 100 ml - 300ml
Orchid ULTRA - Growth enhancer for orchids. Orchid ULTRA is richly endowed with pure humic and fu..
Spider Mite Control SMC 100ml
Spider Mite Control is an easy to use leaf wash that acts against Spider mites. Spider mites are a ..
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